Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moussaoui's mother in courtroom

Moussaoui's mother, who viewed the first day's proceedings from a remote monitor in the Alexandria courthouse, today took a seat in the courtroom. Moussaoui did not acknowledge her presence though he had to be aware that she was there. His mother, Aicha el-Wafi, later said "ce n'est plus mon fils, c'est quelqu'un d'autre".

On the witness stand is FBI agent Michael Aticev being questioned by Assistant U.S. Attorney David Raskin. Moussaoui is in the left foreground and his mother in the right foreground, two of Moussaoui's court appointed attorneys are in the middle.


Anonymous Marcel Patoulatchi said...

It must be quite a hit for her feelings to face what has become of her son. Her son attitude is consistent with his previous statements, but apparently she was not prepared for that, considering what she told the press and her repeated attempt to have the French state involved -- while there is no reason here for France to get in the way of USA justice (France is opposed to death penalty, but France cannot impose its view to save a citizen that obviously seek such penalty).

6:23 AM  

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