Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Guilty Plea in Rosenbaum Murder

Michael Hamlin, charged along with his cousin, Percy Jordan, in the murder of New York Times journalist David E. Rosenbaum, pleaded guilty today in D.C. Superior Court.

Rosenbaum was hit in the head with a pipe, reportedly wielded by Percy Jordan, during the course of a mugging. He might have survived the injury if not for a series of mistakes made by emergency medical personnel.

Note: I've been struggling with the drawings lately since my stash of discontinued Staedtler-Mars markers has begun to run out. Adapting to the different feel of my new brand, Tombow, is not easy.

Capitol Gate Crasher

More than just a gate crasher Carlos Green, high on cocaine and in possession of a derringer, managed to get passed the massive security at the U.S. Capitol and make his way all the way to the basement crypt where he was finally apprehended.