Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rome wasn't sketched in a day

The U.S. Supreme Court began it's new term this week, but I don't expect a call for my drawings until they hear arguments in a pair of partial-birth abortion cases, Gonzales v Carhart and Gonzales v Planned Parenthood, on November 8.

This gives me time to work on wide shot drawings of the court, which are very time consuming.
I'll fill in the Justices and attorneys on the day of argument, and still have time to do tight shot sketches of the legal wrangling.


Anonymous Joy Schuhmacher said...

I am an artist and was doing research on court artists and found your website. Your work is impressive and the comments are very helpful. Would appreciate any insight or hints you could give to one aspiring to go into this type of art to Thanks

12:55 PM  

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